Case Study: FTTH (Fibre To The Home) Service for high-rises


For high-rise buildings, running ELV (Extra Low Voltage) cables in a single shaft is a challenge, considering that there are minimum 3-4 copper cables per flat. This also considerably increases the installation time and therefore the cost. And maintenance by different agencies creates a mess over time.

Our Approach:

Gurukripa Builder’s residential project, Marina Enclave (Malwani, Mumbai), spread over 10 acres,has a total 19 buildings of 22 stories each. The project is designed for around 2000 families.

Conventional methods of providing telecom and internet were proving to be complicated, time consuming, and expensive, as the cabling work would be substantial. Hence we proposed to the developers to provide telecom and internet services over fibre optic cables. In this case the LV services would be provided via a single fibre optic cable, directly to the consumer’s home.

A lot of co-ordination work had to be done in the initial phase, especially with supply companies like MTNL and Airtel. They had to set up exchanges in the premises, which would be used to distribute data services to the residents. 

The system was successfully executed in the first phase of the project and is now being proposed for the second phase.


Benefits of FTTH over traditional cables

  • Cat5 / Ccat6 Cables have long been a traditional means for ELV in building services
  • Instead of 258 copper cables for a wing with 86 flats, one would need only 2 fibres running in the duct. That saves lot of space in the ELV shaft, also reducing installation time and thus cost.
  • Overall complexity and required cabling over conventional cat 6 cables was reduced drastically
  • Maintenance is easy as cabling is minimal
  • Residents also benefit as they get higher internet speed with further possibilities of incorporating digital TV, CCTV, and more over the same backbone infrastructure


The Results: FFTH is a time saving and better alternative to conventional cabling and is now our, and our clients, preferred choice for high-rises.