Case Study : A creative and cost-effective water supply solution


We were designing a G+4 story residential complex in Khopoli, comprising 33 buildings with 709 homes. The developers had an aggressive pricing strategy, selling fully furnished units at Rs 15 lakhs. However, the infrastructure services, i.e. water, drainage, storm water drainage, electricity, etc. was a major cost and any savings here would cause a substantial difference to the overall project expense.

With water supply, the only available source was a bore-well and so an efficient and cost-effective distribution system was necessary to cater to the entire population. We proposed an elevated storage reservoir and constructed a single large UGT. Also, we proposed an ESR at a height that would cater to the last building at the lowest point. Thus the plot’s contour was put to good use.

The overhead tanks on each building as well as the underground tanks, allied pump arrangement and fittings were all done away. And, to keep the elevated structure lightweight we suggested Sintex SMC panel tanks.

All of this resulted in savings of Rs 85 lakhs, which resulted in a thrilled and appreciative client.