MEP services are the lifeline of any construction and it is important that we design them with care and precise detailing.

At UBSC we design systems with a holistic vision that keeps your entire infrastructure in mind, including the project’s objectives, materials being used and the architectural designs. And our engineers ensure that resources are used effectively and that the site is as sustainable as possible.

We endeavour to design MEP systems that are functional, efficient, and cost effective.

Our services include:

  • Electrical : Electrical system designs that are simple, safe, efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain
  • BMS & ELV : BMS design services that provide control & convenience as well as robust and failure-resistant ELV system designs
  • HVAC : HVAC system designs that ensure efficient and cost effective thermal comfort and good indoor air quality
  • Plumbing & Firefighting : Plumbing & Firefighting system designs that ensure a safe, efficient, low maintenance, and functional infrastructure
Electrical design services


Electricity is the most widespread form of energy in any infrastructure and thus it is important to design an electrical system that’s simple, safe, efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain.

A) Electrical Supply High Side
  • Study the drawings and assess the power requirements for the project
  • Give the capacity of D.G. sets, also design and submit the specifications & layouts Read more
B) Internal Electrical Works
For internal electricals we shall provide the following:
  • Preparation of internal electrical layouts including lighting, power socket outlets, etc. for all the rooms, common areas, restaurants, kitchen, banquets, basements, car parks, terraces etc.Read more
C) Renewable Energy System

We design the system of solar PV for electricity generation as per space availability. This helps to reduce power consumption. We can also design heating of water using solar.

D) Facade Light

We design the façade lighting system based on the layouts prepared by the architect/lighting consultant. This includes the DB, cable route,and sizing. We also coordinate with the signage vendors that are appointed by the clients.

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Plumbing & Firefighting

Plumbing & Firefighting

Water Supply & Treatment

We shall work out the total water requirement for the project and review the available sources of water. Based on the water test reports we shall Read more

Water Supply
The scope is as follows:
  • Assessing the population for the project as per NBC norms and preparing the water calculationsRead more
The scope is as follows:
  • Assessing the population for the project as per NBC norms and preparinng the drainage calculationsRead more
Storm Water Drainage
The scope is as follows:
  • Working out the sizes of SWD for the plot as well as for the basementsRead more
Hot Water Generation

We shall work out the hot water required for the project based on the number of rooms and kitchen, and laundry requirement. Read more

Recycling of Water

We shall work out the capacity of sewage treatment plant for the project and propose the treatment methods for the same. Read more

Fire Fighting Services

We shall work out the fire fighting as well as the fire detection system of the building based on NBC norms. The scope is as follows:Read more

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HVAC Services

HVAC Services

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. Its goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.Read more

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UBSC provides:
  • ELV (Extremely Low Voltage) systems that are robust and failure-resistant. This includes must-have systems, such as CCTV, access control and intrusion detection, data network, fire alarm, public address, audio/video solutions, and much more.Read more
  • BMS (Building Management Systems) automates MEP services within a structure and offer you greater control & convenience. This can be designed as per client requirements. Read more
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