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"Business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; a responsibility to a broader constituency that includes its key stakeholders; customers, employee, NGOs, government- the people of the communities in which it operates."

Urja’s director, Sheetal, identifies deeply with these immortal words of Courtney Pratt, the former CEO of Toronto Hydro. She has taken up a cause which is close to her heart and works patiently but persistently to promote it.

It all started during the production of one of her short films, where she was shocked to find that even though India is the second most populated country in the world, every year millions of patients die while awaiting an organ. This changed her entire perspective on life and death. She decided to do something about it and chose ‘Short Film making’ as a tool for spreading awareness about this sorry state of affairs.

Under the banner of Urja Arts (under which she makes her short films) she took the story of Ganesha’s birth and created a storytelling music video about organ donation, called ‘Shree Ganesha’. The short film was widely received by global audience across various digital platforms and even screened by many Ganpati pandals across Mumbai.

Urja’s short films, based on causes, have received numerous awards, including the ‘Best Film’ award at the Mumbai International Short Film Festival and the Narmada Kidney Foundation Short Film Competition. One of these was also an official selection at the Green Corridor Short Film Competition.

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