Case study : A silent, odour free, efficient solution for an under-sunk drainage system


Wherever the drainage system is under sunk, we consider the following parameters:

  • Noise levels
  • Smell
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

Silent pipes are preferred to control noise level and a MultiTrap to prevent smell issues.


  • Silent pipes are costlier
  • Height riser pasted connection to the trap results in leakage over time
  • The Trap seal cap can be removed


Superior option developed by Urja

As the client wanted an economic option, we designed an under-sunk drainage system where there’s only one silent pipe for the main header and connected all the type B pipes to it. This solves the noise challenge but also economizes the design. We also added an Ultra-silent MultiTrap with a 50 mm water seal with a fixed cap. And since the HDPE and UPVC connections are not practical in pasting, we proposed O-ring fitted connections for the MultiTrap and SWR pipe.


  • Saves cost
  • No smell because of added water seal and a fixed cap
  • Reduced noise level